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From Friday 31th August until Sunday 2th September the ‘Veldhoven Proeft’ food festival takes place in Veldhoven at the Burg. Elsenpark.


Experience all the food Veldhoven and Eindhoven has to offer.


Enjoy a great glass of wine, beer of Swinckels or other drinks.


Enjoy the great atmosphere with nice music and surprising tastings.

Taste It

Starting from the 31th of August till the 2th of September a food festival will take place in Veldhoven, named Veldhoven Proeft (direct translation: Veldhoven Tastes). During Veldhoven Proeft multiple restaurants and food trucks from Veldhoven will let you taste and experience their specialties. They prepare their best food live in front of you. If you want to do some tasting and toasting then you should come visit the biggest garden party from Veldhoven, Veldhoven Proeft!

Experience It

Friday 31th of August

17.00 – 24.00 VP Lounge

From 18:00 the gates will open for the general public. Enjoy the food, the music and atmosphere of the festival.

Saturday 1st of September

15.00 – 24.00 VP Music

Come eat, drink and dance at VP Music with great bands.

Sunday 2nd of September

13.00 – 23.00 VP Family

Bring your family and enjoy the great food and cosy atmosphere. Local bands will perform.



Burg. Elsenpark in Veldhoven


From Friday the 30th of August until Sunday 2th of september

Hours of operation

Friday 31 August            17.00 – 24.00 hr
Saturday 1 September   15.00 – 24.00 hr
Sunday 2 September     13.00 – 23.00 hr


During Veldhoven Proeft you can pay with coins you can buy at cash deck at the entrance. One coin cost you 1.25 EUR.